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Gremlin Proxy

1. Get Started

Proxy layer for Apache TinkerPop’s Gremlin Server to support their authentication abilities from web browsers enabling CORS.

This project let’s you connect to your favorite Gremlin Server using connection strings from the web browsers. This service doesn’t add any layer of security, it just avoids the CORS issue. You can extend this service to add your own authentication or event logging.

Overview Diagram

1.1 Requirements

  • Any database that supports Apache Tinkerpop 3.4.x
  • docker to run gremlin-proxy as a service.

1.2 Running

You need to provide GREMLIN_HOST as environment variable, where GREMLIN_HOST is the gremlin host you want to connect to.

docker run -p 9600:9600 -e GREMLIN_HOST= -d --name gremlin-proxy invanalabs/gremlin-proxy 

This will start a proxy server at yourIPorDNS:9600.

1.3 License

This tool is distributed under open source Apache License 2.0.

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