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Install Standalone

Install and setup Invana Studio and Engine on your machine

Download and install standalone version of Invana Studio and Engine to run it on your local machine.


  1. Apache TinkerPop enabled graph database. Setup JanusGraph server. Make sure gremlin server is accessible via ws://ip-address:8182/gremlin
  2. Python 3.8 to run Invana Engine.

Download Invana Studio

Download and install the application that suites the environment you work with.

If you are using .zip file to download and start Invana Studio, you can use the executable "invana-studio"

Install and start Invana Engine

You can install Invana Engine using pip.

$ pip install invana-engine
$ export GREMLIN_SERVER_URL="ws://ip-address:8182/gremlin"
$ invana-engine-start

This will start invana engine GraphQL API at 8200 port, you can access invana engine at http://ip-address:8200.

Using Invana Studio

Search for Invana Studio in your apps and open the application. Provide Invana Engine graphql url ("http://ip-address:8200/graphql") in Invana Studio connect page and click connect.