Get Started

Get started with building and exploring first knowledge graph using Invana.

Invana works on top of graph databases that support Apache TinkerPop. Apache TinkerPop™ is an opensource graph computing framework for both graph databases (OLTP) and graph analytic systems (OLAP) maintained by Apache Software Foundation.

Invana has two components - invana engine and invana studio, which are intentionally separated as projects to decouple the GraphQL API and the User Interface people interact with respectively.

Start graph database server

Deploy JanusGraph instance following the instructions from here. Make sure gremlin server is accessible via ws://ip-address:8182/gremlin.

Deploy using Docker

$ docker run -p 8000:8000 -d -e GREMLIN_SERVER_URL=ws://ip-address:8182/gremlin --name invana-engine invanalabs/invana-engine
$ docker run -p 8888:8888 -d --name invana-studio invanalabs/invana-studio

This will start invana engine GraphQL API at 8000 port and invana studio at 8888 port. You can access invana studio at http://ip-address:8888

Build from source code

$ git clone
$ npm install
$ npm build

This will start graph explorer on 8888 port, you can access the application at http://localhost:8888.

Need a demo of Invana ?

Get in touch with us, if you want us to walk you through the features of Invana.

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