About Invana

The purpose and the vision

The Purpose and The Vision 🔬

Democratising Knowledge Graphs for everyone.

What we believe in 🔭

Information Era brought tons of data into the internet. We just have to create intelligence out it, to solve our problems; one by one.

Just feed your problem with enough data to find the possible solutions.

What are we crafting! 🖍️

We wish to design and build a tool kit, using which we can simulate problems with possible solutions and see what's the cost of loss and gain for any event.

Let's call it Tool Kit for Brewing Intelligence for now.

Open sourced with love ✨

One cannot do it alone. So, to bring the minds of the people who believe in what we believe. We have open sourced our projects on Github.

Open source ✨ 🔭 🎊

To build solutions that end users would need and love to use. We believe, open source is one of the best ways to work closely with the end-user community and developers to constantly push the solutions towards nothing but solving the right problems.
We release most of our solutions under Apache License, Version 2.0. See our projects →